Climate Action Incentive

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New for 2018 is the Climate Action Incentive Credit that is available for residents of Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.  This is a refundable tax credit and must be applied for on the 2018 tax return. 

For Ontario residents, for a single adult, the credit is $154.  For couples, the credit is $154 for the applying spouse and $77 for the other spouse and has to be claimed together on one return. 

For children of a couple, the credit for each child under 18 years is $38For children of a single person, the credit for the first child is $77 and $38 for the rest of the children

The credit is not available for a person who was a non-resident of Canada at any time in 2018.  If you reside is rural communities outside specified metropolitan areas, you are eligible for 10% additional supplement.


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