Why is "H&A" one of the Top 10 Tax Accountants in Toronto?

MARLIES Y HENDRICKS, CPA (H&A") Firm has consistently been awarded as “Best Accountant” and “Best Tax Preparation” in the Bloor West/Roncesvales and Etobicoke areas for over a decade (since 2002) by you in the Community.
We believe we offer accurate, expedient professional tax accounting services to our Canadian and some U.S cross border clients looking for:
  • Review or Notice to Reader Financial Statements

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We offer Review Engagement services to our clients as Marlies Hendricks is a licensed public accountant pursuant to the Public Accountancy Act of Ontario.

Corporate or personal tax returns prepared, which you can rely on are supported by us until assessed by the Tax Department (telephone or fax requests by CRA or IRS are usually included in the fees at no extra charge to you)
  • Support for when you do have a complete extensive Tax Audit (you bring your records to our office and we work through the 6 months+ audit meetings with the Tax Department, so you can continue with your business—this is an extra service)
  • We have a track record of “no changes” to your tax assessments, which were under review by the Tax Department—that give you tremendous piece of mind to you and your family
  • We continue to invest in on-going Professional Development Education courses to ensure we offer our clients the most current developments for financial statements and recent development changes in Canadian and U.S. GST, PST, payroll taxes and income taxes

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Why is "H&A" qualified to do my books?

MARLIES Y HENDRICKS,CPA ("H&A") Firm is run by a Chartered Professional Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant (U.S.). We have the knowledge and insight to set up the bookkeeping and to ensure that the work is done accurately the first time. Our Staff Accountants are supervised by a Licensed Professional Accountant (LPA).
We realize you are not in the accounting business and need to focus on your core strengths and grow your business. You just need strong bookkeeping and accounting backbone, which is done quickly and accurately.

This can be accomplished my the following accounting and bookkeeping services:

  1. We undertake your bookkeeping at our office (monthly or quarterly);
  2. One of the H&A Staff Accountants comes to your office to work on your Quick Books files (monthly or as needed);
  3. You hire your own bookkeeper and we come in monthly or quarterly to review the work done and recommend bookkeeping corrections as needed or confirm that your books accurately reflect current data in bank accounts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.

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