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Client Testimonials

Marlies and her team have greatly improved the way we understand and approach our personal and corporate tax planning.  We are very appreciate of her proactive hands on approach.   In addition to dealing with cross-border issues she has advocated persuasively (and successfully) on our behalf. Thank you!  A totally different league from what we have experienced before from large accounting firms.
Adam Anderson
-Past Assoc. Professor, University of Toronto


My husband and I are partners in real estate with Royal Le Page in the west end of Toronto.  We have used the accounting services of Hendricks & Associate, CPAs for the past 14 years.  We have been extremely pleased with their services.  In the beginning, Marlies worked on our year end tax filings to Revenue Canada.  Since that time, she has taken over all our monthly accounting including the tallying of all receipts and business categorization.  She is now working for other members of our family and our business team.  Over the years, she has also been able to head off potential audits due to her incredibly organized and efficient accounting of all our systems.  Her response for any and all inquiries is usually within 24 hours no matter how detailed our inquiry.  I would not hesitate in recommending her services to anyone in need of professional accounting services. 
Leslie Battle
-Sales Representative, Royal Le Page


Although we have been in business for over 25 years, we only recently changed Accounting Firms within the last three years under the support of "HENDRICKS & ASSOCIATE, CPAs". Once a week we have one of the Hendricks & Associates staff Accountants come into our office to process our Quick Books records, which we have found as a reliable and accurate value add service. Marlies Hendricks is very clear in her communications, which has helped us manage our cash flow with more precision for our "BRADSHAW GROUP.
Mr. Douglas Bradshaw, President
-Bradshaw Photography Inc. (Toronto, ON)


Hendricks & Associate, CPAs have been providing Parker Management Consulting with high quality, effective and efficient accounting services over the past 13 years.
Since our initial consultation, HENDRICKS & ASSOCIATE, CPAs have been preparing on an accurate, efficient and timely basis all my Accounting and Tax requirements (quarterly bookkeeping, GST returns, Annual Financial Statements, Corporate Tax Returns, personal tax returns for my family, etc).
After a very recent Tax Department Audit on my books, I really appreciated that HENDRICKS & ASSOCIATE, CPAs were able to demonstrate their professional approach through excellent working papers and other documentation. The Tax Audit was managed such that I did not feel any stress in what could have been a trying experience.
I am pleased to refer associates, friends and colleagues to "HENDRICKS & ASSOCIATE, CPAs", who have provided PMC Inc. with knowledgeable and excellent services.
J.D. Parker, President
-Parker Management Consulting Inc. (PMC Inc.) (Mississauga, ON)
Providing Full Service Management Consulting Service to Domestic and International Clients


Marlies has broken the formalities of an accountant/business owner relationship with me without sacrificing an ounce of professionalism. She has taken the time to get to know my business so that she can speak clearly 'into' my business and /or personal transactions with ease. Like most SMB's that I know, I used to be crippled with confusion and really reactive when it came to my financial life. Marlies has helped me to move to a proactive state, and has dramatically turned my focus away from finances and towards my business"
Cliff Etkins
-The Data Hoe Incorporation Inc and Etkins Staffing (Toronto, ON)


HENDRICKS & ASSOCIATE, CPAs has supported our Financial Statements since 2004. Marlies Hendricks is very accessible and has the intellectual ability to understand our business and vision. Marlies and her team have the energy to support our need for strong financial backbone that allows us the confidence to grow our business without hesitation. Marlies Hendricks has a friendly personality and we consider her a part of our family
Mrs. Carolyn Burns, President
-Ontario Shaker n'Tile Inc. (Mississauga, ON)

I wanted to thank you first and foremost, for all your efforts on my behalf. I came to you at the height of tax time, and without pause, you took me on as a new client. I shared with you that I was having some difficulties with Revenue Canada and some prior tax returns that were processed by an accountant that I had for many years. I was self employed and incorporated, and to complicate matters, I was living and working in the US. Each tax year, I needed a Canadian corporate and personal tax return, as well as a US one.

There was much to sort through, and you and your amazing team worked diligently to get all the material together, which was no small task; you completed my current returns, a past due set of returns and then revisited and redid, 3 other personal returns. In all Marlies, you and your staff completed 8 full returns and 2 financial statements that encompassed not only corporate and personal, but US as well.
It was extraordinary to see the differences in monies owed from my prior experiences and how much less it was; similarly, it was amazing to see how much new material you requested from me; material that clearly was needed to give Revenue Canada the most complete information required for a successful and accepted return. You and your team were incredibly thorough, professional and knowledgeable about cross border work and I am so grateful for the expertise.

Thank you again, Marlies. I look forward to our continued association and will most certainly recommend you and your staff when and where I can - you deserve much success.
Linda Dowds, President
- Glam Inc. (Toronto, ON) on September 28, 2018.

My husband and I have been working with Marlies for the past 22 years on both a corporate and personal tax level. Marlies and her associates are always very accommodating and professional with our various needs. We look forward to working with Marlies for many years!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

-Hilary Prins

Marlies has helped me with my U.S. and Canadian taxes over the past couple years, providing a wealth of knowledge every step of the way. I am very pleased with the willingness to help with no task or obstacle insurmountable. Highly recommended.

-Brett Vancise

I started working with Marlies last year, as we had a US investment that required her specific expertise and experience, she was very consultative and knowledgeable. Marlies team has also been very friendly, responsive and helpful throughout the process of submitting our US and Canadian tax returns. Highly recommended.

-Chris Anderson

I recently engaged Marlies Hendricks to take over my small business accounting needs. I needed some specific work done relatively quickly and was very impressed with her firm's response and attention to my situation. Marlies and her associates are accessible and attentive - and understood the complexities of the cross-border tax issues associated with my consulting business. I highly recommend Marlies and her team.

-Mark Sterling

Acronym Urban Design and Planning, Toronto


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