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Toronto Tax Return Preparation Services

The tax professionals at Marlies Y Hendricks, CPA Firm ("H&A") understand that owning and operating your Toronto, CA small business is your focus. Cumbersome tax issues take valuable time away from managing your small business and can quickly become a headache. Understanding the various tax codes and regulations involved in tax return preparation is best left to the tax professionals. We specialize in Toronto small business tax and accounting services including:

  • Regularly maintaining and updating accounting books.
  • Preparing payroll, to include payroll taxes and appropriate forms.
  • Filing T4/T5 tax forms.
  • Preparing GST/HST.
  • Preparing workers compensation tax forms.
  • Incorporating Federal or local Toronto filings.
  • Setting up Quick Books and training internal accounting staff.
  • Reviewing required minimum corporation vs. personal income tax total taxes.
  • Auditing appropriate records in preparation of income taxes, GST, PST or payroll audits.
  • Handling tax appeals.

Are Tax Situations Confusing You?Toronto Tax Return Preparation

Marlies Y Hendricks, CPA Firm ("H&A") are experts in corporate and personal tax returns. Our certified public accountants are experienced with handling a variety of complicated tax situations. With our help preparing for tax returns will be a smooth and rewarding process, ensuring that you receive the highest returns possible.

Cross-Border Tax Preparation

Understanding whether you or your children are required to file a US 1040 tax form can be confusing. Knowing how to avoid double taxation when residing part-time in both Toronto and the US is vital to avoid overpaying and to prevent tax form confusion down the road. Depending on whether you are a citizen of Canada or of the US will determine your rates of taxation and how payments are made.

Tax Handling of Properties

Owning property to reside part-time or to rent will affect your taxation and will determine which forms will be filed. Marlies Y Hendricks, CPA Firm ("H&A") professionals will help you to navigate the rental limits and associated taxes to ensure that you are complying with the laws and avoiding unnecessary taxation.

Personal Deductions

Depending on legal residency personal exemptions for yourself and your spouse may be claimed. Also, deductions may be claimable in certain situations to lessen the tax burden. Various factors such as associations with unions or professional organizations, employee expenses, and business equipment expenditures can all affect personal deductions filed during the tax return preparation.

Contact H&A today at 416-766-3941 in Toronto for more information on comprehensive Toronto tax return services.

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